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Kenya Tour

Mombasa extension (5 days)

Price 531 Euro

Individual or group tour: dates upon request

Price (14 days): 1.400 Euro (other durations upon request)

Embark on a transformative journey to Kenya, where we uncover the authentic heart of the nation.

Step away from tourist hotspots and immerse yourself in the lives of everyday Kenyans, gaining invaluable insights into their culture and way of life. Live with local families, engage with community organizations, and truly understand what it means to be Kenyan. Discover the beauty of indigenousness and connect with the people who make Kenya a vibrant tapestry of traditions and stories. Join us on this extraordinary adventure and embrace the true essence of Kenya.


Connecting to Kenya


Welcome to a one-of-a-kind adventure in Kenya, where we invite you to go beyond the beaten path and delve into the true essence of this remarkable country. Our tour is designed to immerse you in the daily lives of ordinary Kenyans and ambitious grassroot-led community organizations, granting you a unique and authentic perspective on their culture, traditions, and way of life. We believe in shattering stereotypes and clichés, taking you far from the comfort of typical tourist destinations and instead introducing you to the vibrant indigenousness that defines Kenya.

From vibrant marketplaces to breathtaking landscapes, this journey will take you beyond the surface and into the heart of Kenya. Prepare to engage with diverse communities, exchange ideas, and expand your worldview. The mission of this tour is to provide you with a transformative experience, one that broadens your horizons and leaves a lasting impact. Join us on this extraordinary voyage and discover the beauty, resilience, and indomitable spirit of Kenya.

We are suggesting a 14-day program for this tour. The tour can be shortened or extended upon your requests.
Our suggested itinery start off with immersing ourselves with the culture, history and the work of community-led organizations in Nairobi and will continue our tour in Kisumu, where we will explore local life, culture, arts and nature. During our stay in Kisumu, we will have the incredible opportunity to live with local families, sharing meals, stories, and laughter. This intimate experience will deepen our understanding of Kenyan culture and foster genuine connections with the warm and welcoming people of this diverse nation. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. We will also actively participate in community organizations, working side by side with locals, and gaining invaluable insights into the challenges they face and the resilience they embod

Tour schedule suggestion

(other schedules upon request)

Arrival in Nairobi, pick-up from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, transfer to Amani Centre Resort in Nairobi, orientation and briefing about the tour, welcome dinner with the group

Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, we will be warmly welcomed and transferred to the Amani Centre Resort, where we will be able to relax and get ready for the exciting journey ahead. The tour guides will brief us about the tour program, and we will have dinner together

Exploring Nairobi's Cultural Gems: National Museum of Kenya, Maasai Market, workshop on Kenyan traditional music and dance

On this first day in Nairobi, we will explore the city’s cultural gems. We will start with a visit to the National Museum of Kenya – a treasure trove of artefacts, exhibits, and displays that showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage. We will delve into Kenya’s diverse ethnic groups, archaeological finds, contemporary arts, and natural history. Located at Museum Hill and built-in 1929, the museum is the flagship of the National Museums of Kenya. After immersing ourselves in the captivating exhibits, we will enjoy the tranquil ambience of the botanical gardens. 

Afterwards, we will explore the vibrant Maasai Market, where local artisans and craftsmen display their creations, including intricate beadwork, traditional clothing, and hand-carved sculptures. We will engage with the artisans, learn about their techniques, and support local craftsmanship.

Finally, we will participate in a workshop on Kenyan traditional music and dance, where we will have the opportunity to learn some moves and rhythms from skilled instructors.

Working with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in Nairobi: Engagement with a volunteer project in one of Nairobi's informal settlements, lunch with community members

On this day, we will engage with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in Nairobi to learn about the challenges faced by marginalized communities and the initiatives being undertaken to address them. We will contribute to a meaningful volunteer project with a local CBO in one of Nairobi’s informal settlements by collaborating with dedicated individuals who are working tirelessly to uplift their communities. This will enable us to gain first-hand insights into the impact of community-driven initiatives.

We will share a meal with community members, foster connections and exchange stories with them that broaden our perspective on Kenyan society. In the evening, we will reflect on the impressions and experiences of the day in the group.

Visit to Uhuru Gardens and the Arboretum Park in Nairobi

We will begin our day at the War Memorial Statue, a solemn stop nestled along Kenyatta Avenue. It was established to pay homage to the bravery and sacrifice of native Africans who fought alongside British soldiers in World War I. This historic monument, sculpted in 1924 and erected in 1928, stands as a poignant reminder of the tolls of war. As one of the oldest statues in the city, it offers a compelling glimpse into the profound impact of the First World War on the lives of Africans. 

From here, we will continue our journey to Uhuru Gardens, Kenya’s expansive Memorial Park and a significant symbol of freedom. Situated along Langata Road, a mere 15-minute drive from the vibrant city center, Uhuru Gardens holds immense historical importance as the birthplace of Kenya. It was here, on the momentous day of December 12, 1963, that the first Kenyan flag was proudly raised, commemorating the nation’s hard-fought independence. As we explore the park’s serene surroundings, we will immerse ourselves in the spirit of freedom and reflect upon the journey that led Kenya to its sovereign state. Uhuru Gardens stands as a testament to the resilience and triumph of the Kenyan people.

Later, we will indulge in a leisurely lunch as we prepare to embark on a captivating nature walk in the enchanting Nairobi Arboretum – a 30.4-hectare wooded oasis nestled in the Kilimani area, just 3 km from the city center. Adjacent to the State House and surrounded by the Kirichwa Kubwa River, Arboretum Drive, and Kenya Girl Guide Headquarters, it’s a haven of tranquility. This green space, with its shaded walkways, picnic lawns, and jogging trails, offers a respite from the urban bustle. Initially established during the railway construction era, it was restored in 1993 by Friends of Nairobi Arboretum (FONA) to preserve its natural splendor. Discover this rejuvenated haven, where nature thrives. Amidst the verdant beauty of this serene haven.

Visit to the Bomas of Kenya and National Archives

On this day, we will embark on a captivating cultural tour at Bomas of Kenya, nestled in Langata, Nairobi. We will explore traditional villages of diverse Kenyan tribes, unveiling unique architectural styles and lifestyles. We will experience vibrant performances in Africa’s largest auditorium, where over 50 traditional dances come to life with live music and instruments. Through the dynamic storytelling of Bomas Harambee Dancers, we will immerse ourselves in Kenya’s rich history. This will be a day of discovery, as we delve into the heart of Kenyan heritage, surrounded by captivating rhythms and enchanting dance.

In the afternoon, we will visit the National Archives located in the heart of the Central Business District and walk down memory lane of Kenya’s history past independence. Situated along the prestigious Moi Avenue in Nairobi, the National Archives is housed in a grand building and serves as the custodian of Kenya’s public archives and records. Beyond its preservation duties, this iconic institution also hosts a variety of arts and photographic exhibitions that offer a captivating glimpse into Kenya’s diverse tribes through a permanent display of photographs and showcase an extensive collection of paintings from across the African continent as well as exhibits featuring tribal weaponry, jewelry, masks, and other artifacts, offering valuable insights into the life of Kenya’s interior. Additionally, the National Archives diligently documents the struggle for Kenyan independence, showcasing a comprehensive display of photographic and archival documentation.

Evening free for personal exploration or relaxation

Nairobi National Park game drive

Today we will escape the bustle of Nairobi’s core to discover Nairobi National Park, just a short drive away. Amidst expansive grasslands framed by city skyscrapers, we will encounter a thriving array of wildlife, catch glimpses of elusive creatures like the endangered black rhino, regal lions, stealthy leopards, swift cheetahs, and spirited hyenas, witness the majestic presence of buffaloes and giraffes, while over 400 bird species add to the park’s vibrant tapestry. In Nairobi National Park, nature and urbanity harmoniously converge, offering an unforgettable safari experience against a breath-taking cityscape backdrop.

Engagement with Nairobi's NGOs: Collaboration with NGO or social enterprise in Nairobi, participation in workshops and activities aimed at empowering local communities, reflection, and cultural exchange activity

On this day we will collaborate with an NGO or social enterprise that focuses on a specific area such as education, healthcare, or sustainable development. We will participate in workshops and activities that provide a deeper understanding of the innovative solutions being implemented to address local challenges and to empower communities. We will interact with dedicated professionals and community leaders who are at the forefront of social change in Nairobi. An evening reflection session and cultural exchange activities will broaden our perspectives and understanding of Kenyan society.

Travel to Kisumu, Homestay experience

We will travel from Nairobi to Kisumu by bus and take several stops at interesting places along the scenic route as we transition to a different region of Kenya. In Kisumu, we will be welcomed into the home of a local family for an immersive homestay experience. We will immerse ourselves into the family’s daily routines, customs, and traditions, and share meals, stories, and laughter, forging genuine connections that provide us with a deeper understanding of Kenyan culture.

Community Engagement in Kisumu: Contribution to community initiatives, engagements with community members

We will engage with a community organization in Kisumu, focusing on local development projects or environmental conservation efforts and contribute to their initiatives, such as clean-up campaigns, educational programs, or sustainable agriculture projects. We will have lunch with community members and engage in conversations and interactions with them to learn about their aspirations, challenges, and the community dynamics.

Before returning to our Homestay families, we will reflect on the impressions of the day and engage in group activities.

Exploring Lake Victoria: Boat ride, fishing villages, Rusinga island

Today we explore Lake Victoria – the “jewel of Africa”. As the second largest freshwater lake globally and the largest lake in Africa, it offers a captivating nature experience with exceptional birding opportunities, rock art and paleontology discoveries. We will take a scenic boat ride on Lake Victoria and immerse ourselves in the charming fishing villages along the shoreline, where the Luo people carry out their daily lives with unmatched hospitality. 

We will also visit Rusinga Island or other nearby islands, known for their natural beauty and cultural significance. Rusinga Island is nestled in the eastern part of Lake Victoria and stretches about 10 miles in length and 3 miles at its widest point. It boasts a fascinating secret within its ancient grounds – the extraordinary fossil beds that preserve the remains of extinct Miocene mammals, dating back an astounding 18 million years. We will delve into the rich history and scientific significance of these fossil treasures, meticulously unearthed through systematic searches and excavations.

We will return to Kisumu in the evening for leisure time.

Cultural Immersion in Kisumu: Markets, Kisumu Museum, workshop on Luo cooking

On this day, we will immerse ourselves in the culture of Kisumu. We will explore the bustling markets of Kisumu, where we can shop for traditional crafts, fabrics, and local produce. 

We will also visit the Kisumu Museum to discover the region’s cultural heritage and archaeological artifacts. Established in 1980, the museum showcases the rich heritage of Western Kenya with diverse exhibits, including a fish aquarium, snake park, cultural history gallery, and a traditional homestead. The museum also engages in research activities. We will uncover the treasures of Kisumu Museum and delve into the vibrant culture and scientific wonders of Western Kenya.

Later in the day, we will engage into a culinary experience when we engage in a workshop on traditional Luo cuisine and cooking techniques. In the evening, we will enjoy the meals that we prepared in the workshop.

Interactions with Kisumu's Art and Music Scene: Art galleries and studios, live performance of traditional music and dance, interactions with local artists and musicians

On our last day in Kisumu, will be dedicated to Kisumu’s Arts and Music Scene. We will start off by visiting local art galleries and studios, showcasing the vibrant contemporary art scene in Kisumu. Our explorations will continue with attending a live performance of traditional music and dance, immersing ourselves in the rhythmic beats and colorful costumes. We will enrich our experience of the Arts and Music Scene by interacting with local artists and musicians, learning about their inspirations and creative processes. 

In the evening we will reflect as a group on our impressions and experiences.

Return by bus to Nairobi

The bus will take us back to Nairobi with stops for relaxation on the way. Upon arrival in our accommodation for the last night, we will have free time to do some final shopping or explore the city.

In the evening we will have a farewell dinner to celebrate the journey and share memorable experiences.

Departure from Nairobi (or transfer to location of extended stay)

We will be taken to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for departure. Those who are staying in the country for extended activities will be assisted with their transfer to their respective location.


Included services

  • Transfer from and to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi
  • 8 nights in local modest hotels or guesthouses in Nairobi and 2 nights in local modest hotels or guesthouses in Kisumu in double rooms and 3 nights with a carefully selected local family in Kisumu
  • Breakfast and dinner for 13 days
  • Drinking water during the whole tour (we recommend you to bring a reusable drinking bottle)
  • Local tour guides throughout the whole tour (language: English)
  • Transportation throughout the whole tour by private vans and local buses
  • Entrance fees and guided tours according to the program

Excluded services/additional costs

  • Flight to and from home country
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa costs *1
  • Single room (additional costs for 16 nights: 377 Euro)
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips
  • Personal health certificates and prophylaxis
  • Expenditures for activities that are not part of the organized program
  • *1 Confirm entry conditions with the Kenyan Embassy of your country. A single entry visa to Kenya currently costs 51 USD for German citizens. The regular procedure is to apply for eVisa at least 2 months ahead of your travel through the eVisa platform ( At the time of publication of this tour, the eVisa platform is not functioning and visas will be issues upon arrival in the country. Make sure you check the status of visa procedures for your respective travel time! The Kenyian Embassy in Germany publishes information on visa here:

  • *2 To enter Kenya, proof of yellow fever vaccination is obligatory if you are coming from or through a yellow fever area.

Optional extension/addition

    • Individual arrangements of stay of extended days
      Mombasa extension
    • Guide for extended days and places
    • Volunteering or internships with social non-profit
    • institutions (check our section on volunteering and internships)

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