Footsteps & Handshakes


Our concept of ‚Footsteps & Handshakes‘ travels is:

    • Footsteps: we take you out of your comfort zone, away from the ordinary touristic places and routes, away from mainstream media images and perceptions, away from the comfort of high-class transportation and accommodation, to locations that experience more indigeneity than gentrification.
    • Handshakes: we enable you to meet the people of the country you visit, learn from them and about them, exchange ideas and perceptions, familiarise yourself with local cultures and lifestyles.

Footsteps & Handshakes‘ travels will give you a local experience of reflection and learning for a well-affordable budget, while ensuring your safety and basic comfort. In most cases there is the option of adding additional packages for the diversification of your experiences.


Footsteps & Handshakes Ghana Tour


Footsteps & Handshakes Zimbabwe Tour


Footsteps & Handshakes Eswatini/Swaziland Tour


Footsteps & Handshakes Kenya Tour


Footsteps & Handshakes Cameroon Tour