Encountering Ghana from the inside

In this explorative tour through Ghana will take you through five regions of the country. It will introduce you to events, peoples, landscapes, and cultures, that make Ghana…..

Kenya Tour

Embark on a transformative journey to Kenya, where we uncover the authentic heart of the nation.

Experience Eswatini/ Swaziland

Introducing you to a real community experience in Eswatini based in the Shewula, Mhlumeni and Jilobi communities and their initiatives for livelihood and natural resource management.

Types Of Tours

Welcome to Farafina Travels, where we offer a diverse range of carefully curated tours that go beyond the common concept of touristic traveling.

Our aim is to provide you with unique and enriching experiences, allowing you to delve deeper into the people, cultures, histories, politics and current developments of your chosen African destination. We believe in a people-centered approach, where our tours are designed to foster genuine connections, meaningful engagement with local communities, and insightful exchanges about innovative practices in various fields.

Check out the types of tours we offer and make your choice. Our flagship tours are Footsteps & Handshakes tours, where we offer most tours. We will gradually expand our offer to include also more tours of other types.

Footsteps & Handshakes

Ghana Tour


Footsteps & Handshakes

Zimbabwe Tour

Footsteps & Handshakes

Eswatini/Swaziland Tour


Angel Maa Organisation, Mathare/Nairobi, Kenya

Footsteps & Handshakes

Kenya Tour


Lifeline for Childhood Cancer Ghana, Accra, Ghana


Indalo Eswatini, Siteki/LubomboJilobi and Mhlumeni
community project, Jilobi/Mhlumeni,

About Farafina Travels


Farafina Travels (FT) enable you to gain insights into different African countries beyond the common narrative.

Born out of Farafina Institute [link], FT introduce you to the people, cultures, histories, politics, environment, and current debates and developments of your travel destination from a local perspective and with an academically-informed concept. Our local guides and moderators show you the hidden beauties of their countries away from the main tourist tracks, enable engagements with local communities, and facilitate insightful exchanges about innovative and functioning approaches and practices in the social, economic (and other) fields in the hosting African countries.


We take pride in our partnerships with knowledgeable local guides and moderators who are passionate about their countries and committed to providing you with an authentic and enriching travel experience.

Our partners and guides are carefully selected based on their expertise, deep understanding of the local culture, and their ability to showcase the hidden beauties and unique aspects of each destination. With their insider knowledge, they will lead you off the beaten paths, away from the main tourist tracks, and introduce you to the true essence of their countries. Their academic backgrounds in the social, historical, cultural and political fields equip them with the knowledge to offer you insightful facts and contextulised debates about their countries.