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Family stay in Eastern

Flexible according to your preferences

Price 597 Euro for the 1st Week | 487 Euro each additional week

Staying with a family in the rural areas of the Eastern Highlands is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the day-by-day activities of the village while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of this scenic area of Zimbabwe. The village ‚Nhindiwa‘ is a 3-hour drive away from the eastern city Mutare; it is surrounded by mountains and named after the river that flows through the area. 

It is also quite close to attractions such as Nyanga National Park with Mount Nyangani, the highest mountain in the country, and Nyamazi Falls. Some basic shops can be found in the village, but with a limited selection.
There is no tap water but fresh water is available from the river Nhindiwa. The village is gradually being connected with electricity. Some families use solar panels for light.

We organise your transport to and from the village coming from Harare. You will live with and eat with a local family that has been carefully chosen. During the day, you can take part in their activities, such as attending to their fields, herding cattle, preparing food, taking care of animals etc. We collaborate with the local school in Nhindiwa, where you might have the opportunity to assist. Our local coordinator, teacher Raymond Sambaza, will introduce you to your host family, provide you with orientation of the area and its traditions, and remain available for any concerns you may have during your stay.


Included services

  • Transfer from and to Robert Mugabe International Airport in Harare
  • 7 nights with a local family in Eastern Highlands, including food (local food prepared by the family)
  • Local orientation person throughout the whole time (language: English)


Optional extension/addition


  • Flight to and from home country
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa costs *1
  • Local Sim cards
  • Personal health certificates and prophylaxis
  • Any activities that are not part of the host family’s routine

    *1 Confirm entry conditions with the Zimbabwean Embassy of your country. A single-entry visa to Zimbabwe currently costs 30 USD for German citizens and is issued at the port of arrival (airport or land border). The Zimbabwean Embassy in Germany publishes information on visa here: https://www.zimembassyberlin.com/consular-services/visas/

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